Fibaro Smoke Sensor

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Fibaro Smoke Sensor

Smoke sensor with built-in temperature sensor.

Improved home safety and comfort thanks to the built-in temperature sensor that allows fire to be detected at rapid temperature changes.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor

Fibaro Smoke Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave optical smoke detector. The fire alarm is signaled by the sound, the visual indicator flashes by sending alarm and control commands to Z-Wave.

The optical sensor detects smoke even in an early stage of fire, often before the onset of flames and before the temperature begins to rise significantly. In addition, the device has a built-in temperature sensor, which is a programmable indicator for exceeding the set temperature level.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor is designed for wall or ceiling mounting. The visual indicator indicates fire, operating mode, or used to see if the device is in the Z-Wave network. The smoke detector is designed to operate in confined spaces under normal conditions (no smoke, dust or condensed water vapor).

FGSD-002 ZW5

Data sheet

Wireless Technology
Z-Wave Plus
Article Dimentions
65 x 28 mm
Package Dimensions
93 x 93 x 35 mm
Net Weight
0.040 Kg
Gross Weight
0.097 kg


FIBARO Smoke Sensor DoC

Installation Instructions

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FIBARO Smoke Sensor Install

Installation Instructions

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FIBARO Smoke Sensor IM

Instruction Manual

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FIBARO Smoke Sensor OM

Operating Manual

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FIBARO Smoke Sensor TD

Technical Data

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FIBARO Smoke Sensor Features


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